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version 1999.1

Postings not related to the writing of the Manifesto or policy chapters
are likely to be summarily rejected. Thanks for your understanding. IPI
After 8 hrs of work, the version 1999.1 of the manifesto is now out. Pl.
go to IPI web page and download the version. It also includes names of
people who contributed. Pl. send in names if your name is not in that

More corrections and alterations can be included in the coming weeks
before this is sent out to 10,000 people across India. 

Would Rajeev Manikoth help set this document in Page Maker in a way that
is attractive and professional-looking for sending to printers in
Hyderabad? The document can come down from the current 28 pages to less
than 20 (10 if printed on both sides) if properly formatted. We might
like to print it in the form of a little booklet of A4 size.

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