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Re: What the Vedas say about Varnas

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Valson wrote:

Every Hindu scholar I have discussed this subject with tells me the
same. Yet
very few want to come out in the open with their convictions.

The most interesting thing as of now is that "merit" (which should be a
paradigm alternative to that of "caste") is becoming a weapon in the
hands of
the caste order. Somehow we cannot get away from the feeling that merit
confined more or less exclusively to the upper castes (which goes for
communities). This was evident recently in the debate, so to speak,
the CJI and the President. As long as the caste system and the cast
remain operative, merit would amount, in effect, to reservation for the
caste. I felt a bit awkward that the Apex Court that upheld the
principle of
reservation in every other context, did not want that applied to itself,
though justice is something to be prescribed to others only.

Today it is not enough to ask, "What do the Vedas say about Varnas?".
And even
more importnat question is "What dooes the media say about this issue?".
answer is of course obvious.


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