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Mr. john Dayal

Postings not related to the writing of the Manifesto or policy chapters
are likely to be summarily rejected. Thanks for your understanding. IPI

Is Mr. John Dayal, on the IPI mailing list, if he is I request hi to
respond to this news item attributed to him.

The issue is the vexed,convoluted issue of Minoritism in the context of
attacks on christians. This news item highlights another aspect of the
kind of Minoritism practised in India which lends credibility to the
extreme voices of the Sena, VHP etc.

I have a feeling that the debate on Minoritism is slipping into an
opinions only discussion. A reason why I was diffident in quoting this
news-item. But I thought it raises some very pertinent issues which we
should address and respond with by articulating a policy which deals
with entire issue of Minoritism visa-vis Majoritism. The entire gamut of

issues raised should be taken into perspective and a policy formulated.
I request everybody to view this posting in that context and not as a
Minority versus Majority slanging match.

The news item is from "The Hindu" as released by UNI.

UCFHR chief apprises US of attacks on Christians

 Washington, Feb. 6. (UNI):
" Mr. John Dayal, National Convenor of
the United Christian Forum for Humam Rights, met Mr. Robert Seiple, Head

of Religious Affairs in the State Department, here last night and
exchanged views on the situation in India arising out of the atrocities
on Christians in certain parts of the country, particularly
Gujarat. Later talking to newspersons, he said the community was
not lobbying for imposition of any kind of sanctions against India but
was trying to create a strong public opinion to force the Government
to uphold the rule of law and fundamental rights guaranteed in the
Constitution. ........... .
Mr. Dayal came from New Delhi to attend the annual National Prayer
Breakfast here on Thursday. President Mr. Bill Clinton was the main

If the news release is accurate verbatim then it raises serious
questions of propreity about this "so called exchange of views".

- It appears that Mr. Dayal has no faith in the judicial system of the

- He has deemed it proper to run parallel diplomacy at variance with the

official foriegn policy to further his religious agenda, whatsoever that

may be.

- And I dont understand this tendendcy of an Indian taking an American
into confidence to build up opinion to solve an internal problem in
India. By doing this and establishing a pan-christian fraternity he has
undermined the sovreignity of the nation and given an internal matter an

international dimension. This absolute nonsense.

- And to rub it in, lastly, it sounds like Mr. Dayal has conferred a
favour on the rest of us by not lobbying for sanctions.

Could Mr. John Dayal please explain to the nation what he intended to
achieve by this "exchange of views" and would he/anyone else of the
UNCFHR respond to the issues raised.


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