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Draft Manifesto : Suggestion II

Postings not related to the writing of the Manifesto or policy chapters
are likely to be summarily rejected. Thanks for your understanding. IPI
Original Text :

Administrative Reform
1. Administrative Reform
    a.Accountability:  "....The permanent bureaucracy shall be fully
privileged, as a fully law-abiding Citizen of India, to go to the media
inform the People about  misdemeanors of any other publicly paid

Comments :

(The only thing that ought to be permanent, and supreme, are the liberty

and freedom of the people. There should not be a statutory guarantee of
permanence on a bureaucratic staff. Also important is discipline. Power
the elected representatives ought to be supreme. Allowing a bureaucratic

staff to go directly to public has the inherent danger that he/she may
misinterpret his perception of an individual fact for someone's
or outside forces with nefarious designs may act to malign the image of
an honest public servant. To avoid such potential exploitation a much
approach would be allowing judiciary to act as intermediary to decide on

such matters and within a strict time limit, the judiciary must grant or

deny a request of such a bureaucrat to make the individual concerns

In the section of LAW AND ORDER:

While references are made about various commissions, no link is
provided, in fact such a document should be attached, and the salient
points must be highlighted to clarify why the policy document believes
such a recommendation ought to be implemented. While making 10 good
recommendations, the document seemed to be missing one very important
point, and that is :

* Regulation requiring Strict code of conduct for police officers.

Police officers exist for protection of people. In India, it is a
generally known fact that Police Officers find it rather exciting to use

foul language in public and resort to brute force before even ensuring
that the concerned individual is a criminal. There certainly needs to be

strict guidelines in place to ensure that Police Officers found guilty
of using foul language in public, get properly disciplined. Also clear
should be the guidelines that police should use force only for self
defense while protecting the law and order in the society. They should
not have the rights to punish any suspect. That job belongs to the
Judiciary. This is very critical to ensure people's confidence in the
Police, and automatically you will see reduction in violence in the
society. Further, the more local control over the police bureaucracy you

have, the less corrupt that function is likely to be. While a cohesive
networking for the purposes of information sharing and crime control is
necessary, some local police administration position should be reserved
for publicly elected officials and some of the local Staff Funding
should be controlled by City Administration in order to bring about real

democracy in our internal security infrastructure.

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