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umesh's pts

Postings not related to the writing of the Manifesto or policy chapters
are likely to be summarily rejected. Thanks for your understanding. IPI

new defence and for.policy reads as follows:


Constant preparedness is needed to keep our defence forces in the state
of readiness to defend our  borders. Availability of sufficient funding
has to be ensured for investment in personnel, modern weapons, and in
suitable technology in accordance with current military needs. 

Foreign Policy

We should try to find common interests with nations that have similar
democratic norms of government. This would include extraditing criminals
from other nations who are sought by their police, shutting down
operations of foreign terrorists on Indian soil, signing extradition
treaties with more nations, providing troops for the International Court
of Justice's enforcement operations, etc. Trade needs to be encouraged. 

We advocate the goal of global disarmament by all nations and the
banning of all weapons of mass destruction. The sole purpose of creating
a nuclear weapon must be to help the world understand the futility of
trying to hold on to existing power structures in perpetuity, and to
insist that everyone in the world will be better off with complete
disarmament. The weapons that India has developed should be completely -
and simultaneously - destroyed along with all other nuclear weapons in
the entire world. India should resolve never to use these weapons and
not threaten anyone with these dangerous toys. India would never be the
first to use nuclear weapons in the event of a conflict with another

India needs to obtain permanent membership in the United Nations
Security Council. We need to cooperate with neighbors in sharing
resources linked to waterways, and protect the interests of Indian
citizens abroad more firmly.

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