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final draft

Postings not related to the writing of the Manifesto or policy chapters
are likely to be summarily rejected. Thanks for your understanding. IPI
non-discrimination policy statement which takes into account all
suggestions so far.

2. 	Non-Discrimination

Equality of opportunity is best understood in terms of people not being
discriminated against on the basis of birth or social characteristics.
While differentiation on the basis of individuals ability and effort is
encouraged  and should receive its due reward since it serves the basic
purpose of growth and progress in a society, discrimination on the basis
of religion, caste, tribe or sex, etc., is unacceptable. Some  of the
discriminations that India needs to work upon, to remove, are as

2.1   Reservation system: The  role and shape of  reservation needs to
be well understood and restructured to meet  its goals. Given the
unfortunate persistence of social  discrimination against certain
citizens based on social status  determined by birth within the Hindu
religion, it might perhaps be a  good idea for the concerned religious
leaders to work toward complete  abolition of the caste system,
facilitating the early elimination of  this compensatory discrimination.
We believe in a three pronged strategy to move this issue  forward:
a)     Investment will be made in areas that will have long term impact
on the welfare of the  weaker sections of the society. 

b)     A time structure will be framed to phase out the current policies
of reservation. To enable a fair phasing out a publicly available
Disadvantage Index will be made available which takes into account
educational and income disparities, as well as some measure of social
discrimination. In any  case, full reservation on the basis of
population size of a particular  community - which lowers the incentives
for improvement and creates a deep  divide in the society -  must be
examined immediately, put on a rational basis, and halted as soon as

2.2  Uniform Civil Code: Similarly, we would urge and encourage Muslim
leaders to work toward a situation where no  discrimination occurs in
the rights of members of that religion as far  as maintenance on divorce
and inheritance is concerned.

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