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Suggestion on the draft manifesto I

Postings not related to the writing of the Manifesto or policy chapters
are likely to be summarily rejected. Thanks for your understanding. IPI
The original Draft
    "                            The Manifesto
                                    PART I
                               GOOD GOVERNANCE

 6.Defence: As military expenditures contribute nothing to the creation
of prosperity,and drain resources from activities that do, we advocate
the goal of global disarmament by all nations and the banning of all
weapons of mass destruction.
           The weapons that India has developed should be completely
-and simultaneously - destroyed along with all other nuclear weapons in
the entire world. India should resolve never to use these weapons and
not threaten anyone with these dangerous toys. In any case, India should

never be the first to use nuclear weapons in the event of a conflict
with another country.

             The sole purpose of creating a nuclear weapon must be to
the world understand the futility of trying to hold on to existing power

structures in perpetuity, and to insist that everyone in the world will
better off with complete disarmament."

Comments :

The starting line "As military expenditures contribute nothing to the
creation of prosperity,and drain resources from activities that do"
doesn't belong here. It sounds more like somebody's utopian and personal

dream of peaceful world. It is certainly important to have such noble
aims, but while drafting a policy on national defense, it is outright
wrong to start with a statement suggesting that it is a bad idea to
invest in the military, while at the same time, calling upon the
patriotic and volunteer soldiers to die defending our borders.

The DEFENSE policy has no business going into talking about world peace.

It's only purpose should be national defense. At the same time, nuclear
disarmament and elimination of weapons of mass destruction are
important, but such a language should be written in a separate section
with a heading "Guidelines to promote World Peace" Under a section of
FOREIGN POLICY guidelines.

Defense policy should always be driven by two basic objectives :

1. Constant preparedness to keep our Defenses in the state of readiness
to defend our
   borders, even in an unforeseen situation of a surprise attack (1962
Chinese invasion
   should serve a gruesome reminder, even though the historical
reference does not belong in the policy manifesto text).

   Availability of sufficient funding are to be ensured all the time for

necessary investment in modern weapons Technology in accordance with
current military needs,and  to care for the military personnel. The
weapon stock requirements and the requirement of proper intelligence
infrastructure are to remain a national priority all the time. Nothing
other then the issue of national defense should guide the ongoing
military decisions. Matter of national sovereignty and territorial
integrity should never be mixed up with the utopian motives of World
Peace. While the later is a desired objective of a civilized nation, the

former is the basic responsibility of the government to protect the
freedom of the nation for its citizens irrespective of whether there are

enemies in the world or not.

2. The other very important policy objective on defense should be to
create a general atmosphere of non-aggresive postures towards neighbors
and every other country of the world, large or small. Defense should
only have one motto : Defense, and very forceful defense, but never the
offense or sense of aggression that creates terror or an atmosphere of
fear in the minds of neighboring countries. However, this second
objective of eliminating a sense of unfounded apprehension on the part
of neighbors belongs to the FOREIGN POLICY, therefore, the DEFENCE
policy basically should be driven by one single objective outlines in
the first point, under the strict control of civilian authority elected
by the citizens of India.

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