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Re: What the Vedas say about Varnas

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     Dear Sanjeev

     Please thank your father for this excellent collection of material.

Of course, this sort of material was known to the Hindu reformers in the
century, starting with Raja Rammohan Roy and the Prarthana Samaj,
through the
now-practically-unknown work of Mahatma Jotirao Phooley (see D Kerr's
biography of Phooley published by Popular Prakasham, Bombay, 2nd
edition, 1974)
as well as of Mahatma Gandhi and right up to contemporary reformers.

In modern times, first, the inspiration for reform came from
Christianity (the
work of Carey and others to whom I have referred in earlier mails); then
it was
liberal nationalism (Ranade, etc.); then it was Socialist Humanism and

But the point is this: all these Hindu and quasi-Hindu reform movements
failed, just as industrialisation and modernisation have failed, and
reform movements such as Jainism, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam and
Sikhism have
failed, to reform the bulk of India.

At least they have all failed SO FAR in removing the vested interests in
bulk of the country.

And now we have people such as Bajrang Dal and RSS who want to redefine
in order to REassert caste, and indeed other old evils such as even sati
(!) in
their attempt to save these vested interests - and they do not stop even
at killing people in order to preserve their vested interests....

Hindutva is simply a cloak for the old Brahmin-Kshatriya-Vaishya
nexus....and I
speak as a Vaishya myself....which has always used violence as the main
for keeping the country under its evil grip.

Truly, this is a historic moment in India, just as the moment of the
revolution in Iran was a historic moment, which will define the future
of India
for three or more generations: either we succeed in loosening the hold
of caste
exploitation and all the other nonsense that goes with it, or the future
is dark
indeed for our country.

The battle was joined by Carey and his colleagues from India as well as
the West
two centuries ago, it was reinforced by others with different
convictions; today
it seems to me that that battle is at its climax.

Thank you Sanjeev, and thank you Shri P K Sabhlok, for re-inspiring us
to fight
against this terrible evil.

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