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Re: An Open Letter to Shri Chowgule

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Dear Shri (or Shrimati, as the case may be) Ankur

I don't know in what world you live, but we Hindus (or at least Hindus
like us)
have in fact been preaching and converting Westerners since at least the
in the West - though of course we should not be doing anything like that

according to the theory of our tradition even in our own land and anyone
crosses the black water automatically becomes outcaste himself (or

You are right in observing that Islam has produced, and seems by its
very nature
to produce, religious intolerance at least in the areas it dominates.
Christianity (at least in its Protestant form) has produced real
liberty wherever it has dominated.  We can argue about whether other
forms of
Christianity have produced religious liberty.

In any case, this is in contrast to the pretense of religious liberty we
have in
our country, where we claim to be highly tolerant, but have always
intolerant whenever any Hindu has actually exercised a choice, for
example about
moving from Shaivism to Vaishnavism (there are records of these in our
scriptures themselves, as I am sure I don't need to remind you,
records of people being killed for this as well as of going to war
because of

Fortunately, this is not true for all Hindus.  Nor is this true for all
or all Sikhs, etc.

But we should not imagine, because most of us Hindus are intolerant,
everyone else is intolerant as well.

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