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Re: Powerful Medium/Media

Postings not related to the writing of the Manifesto or policy chapters
are likely to be summarily rejected. Thanks for your understanding. IPI

With all due respect now I will tell you my take on the issue you just
raised. You proudly said that "The Powerful Media" was responsible for
pulling down the V.P. Singh regime. You also said something else :

"...while the backward classes hailed V.P. Singh as the Messiah of
Social Justice!..."

This clearly shows the stark disconnect between "The Powerful Meida" of
yours and "the backward classes" you mentioned here. Your powerful media

simply fails to get it right. It doesn't seem to understand the reasons
why V.P. Singh is still considered a Messaiah of Social Justice. You
yourself have proved that your "Powerful Media" does not represent "the
backward classes".

Yes sir, I ask you a few simple questions, these are not "the merit"
versus "reservation" questions. Simply  name a single "powerful media"
organization of yours which has "a backward class" individual in its
editorial board? Yes, the media took a stand against mandal commission
recommendations, but it was not a representative stand, it was a
"forward class" stand against "the backward class" stand.

V.P. Singh is much more influential then your so called "Powerful Media"

would like to believe. When V.P.Singh's government fell, there were
several factors in play, and a few of them are listed here for your kind

review :

1. V.P. Singh government was a minority government supported by extreme
right wing
   BJP and Left wing communists, who had come together to support
   government only because of the honest and credible image V.P. singh
   against the corruption talks of bofors scandal.
2. That V.P. Singh was not liked by the BJP because of his no-nonesense
   against VHP's Ayodhya Temple Project. They could not move against the

formidable and
   Popular Raja  V.P. Singh, and were constantly looking for an
opportunity to strike.

3. Something very inhuman and criminal in nature happened, the culprit
was Chaudhri Devi Lal, the self styled Deputy Prime Minister's son, Om
Prakash Chautala. It was the moral stand of V.P. singh that he refused
to engage himself in cover up, and then The Tau organized a Kissan
Railly in the Vore Club as show of strength. Chandrashekhar was already
all set to strike for his personal gains. V.P. Singh did nothing wrong
in introducing the Mandal Commission report into the parliament. He, by
himself, had no power to implement it, had the parliament not
overwhelmingly approved it. This was in the manifesto of every political

party, and the media shamelessly blamed V.P. For it.
(Congress of Rajiv Gandhi had obious reasons not to like V.P. Singh)

4. As soon as the word got out that Devi Lal broke ranks with V.P.
because V.P. did not tolerate his son's nonsense, rather then
appreciating his moral stand, the whole political spectrum of
opportunists, including "the powerful media" klind of got chance and
jumped on it. Advani took out his Rath Yatra, Laloo arrested him on
V.P.'s suggestion, and under pressure from the right wing VHP, Atal
Bajpai withdrew support from the V.P. Government, that's how it fell,
not because of "A Powerful Meida" Thank you.

5. Media, for the first time misused the freedom afforded to them by the

same Prime Minister V.P. Singh, who brought in the Prasar Bharti Bill to

stop Government control and interference over the media for the first

No, nobody liked V.P.Singh, and everyone found it too easy to blame him
for Mandal Commission. But the fact is, Mandal Commission was not
constituted by him but by Ms. Indira Gandhi. We as a society live in
denial and self gratification. All V.P. Singh did was to show us our
real face in the mirror, we all were horrified and blamed the messanger.

You don't like caste system, then why perpatuate it. Media irresponsibly

gratified the self-emmolation of students who obviously were showing
their frustration over lack of opportunities for admission to schools
and jobs. Nobody cared to explain to them that their fear, though very
real, was utterly misplaced. It was not the reservation that was taking
away there jobs, but there were no real jobs, and the poor, oppressed,
and "the backward" too had equal rights too. That it was not VPS, but
the whole parliament had approved what was a 10 year old recommendation
of a commission setup by Indira Gandhi for the purpose.

But, who are we kidding, what about the lack of opportunities and jobs
for "the backward class", who listens to them? Why don't you have good
schools and roads, and hospitals in the places where these "backward
classes" live?

For your kind information, V.P.Singh was even instrumental in
instituting "the third front" from his Batra Hospital Bed in 1996, when
we had a hung parliament, and it was V.P. Singh, whom all these waring
fronts of the NF, the Karunanidhis, and the DeveGowda's, Prafulla
Mahanta's, Laloo, Mulayam and Gujral's would listen. It was his
initiative that resulted in the installation of I.K. Gujral Government,
and later the Devegowda Government. I have seen the "powerful Media" and

"the intellectual class" of India, and know too well as to how much
disconnected they are from the ordinary people, whom you might want to
call "the backward class" or "the Gaon Walas" or the "Gaonwars" or
"Orriyas" or "Biharis"..sorry sir, that's India!

Thank You.


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