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Re: Powerful Medium/Media

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Greetings! Power of media is different from creating a powerful media!
is India, China is China, Russia is Russia !!!- comparing India with
or China does not seem right! Given the fact  that both Russia and China
or were communist states, India remained a politicians' democracy,
democracy. In India Press is powerful to the extent they shape the
and influence Public opinion. The role media played in pulling down V.P.

Singh's Govt. has been well acknowledged by the Media experts like Sunil

Sethi, Naqvi, etc. while the backward classes hailed V.P. Singh as the
Messiah of Social Justice! Is it possible for the media to create a
casteless society, to contribute to equality and justice while the media

enjoys the freedom of expression while many of our rural poor and
Dalits cannot express any freedom, donot enjoy freedom and are massacred
powerful landlords? I wand friends in the sphere of  media to reflect
share their ideas. Thank you for  sharing your views.
Henry Thiagaraj

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