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Re: An Open Letter to Shri Chowgule

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hi everybody  ,

>>>>Whether Hindus influence 'others'or Moslems influence 'others'or
Christians influence 'others'or atheists influence 'others'or
agnosts influence 'others'or any xyz(label) influences 'others'
as 'thinking' humans we must hang our heads
in shame when we become non violent and immitate animals.<<<<<<<

the question is not of behaving like "Animals" as kurien said,but
the problem here is the tolerance the hindu community has shown
to other Religions on this land for a time long enough to be dated.

"It will be worse for a hindu to preach and convert people in london or
saudi....he will not be burnt like the case in Orissa,but he will
killed in a way we cannot imagine"......so Why should India tolerate
other religion on this land,,,,why can't people of india practising
different religion other than hinduism,think of a way to shun the
foreign religion and come back to their original Religion. Don't
they think they have been missing something ,,,,,,their old indian

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