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Basic Issues in the Staines Killing: Justice Wadhwa's Task

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Basic Issues in the Staines Killing: Justice Wadhwa's Task

by Subroto Roy

The Staines killing has horrified India and the world, especially =
perhaps because the children died with the father.    The principal =
alleged culprit, one Dara Singh, has been=20
identified but is at large.   That Graham Staines was involved in both =

improving tribal welfare and Christian proselytisation among tribals =
seems clear.  That his actions and that of others created serious social
and economic tensions within the tribal communities also seems clear.
That Dara Singh saw these tensions as enough to engineer the killing of
Staines (and his youngsters who happened to be with him) also seems at =

least likely if not highly probable.

We are then left with these fundamental questions:=20

Was Dara Singh, in this act, an agent provocateur, set up, perhaps even
without his own knowledge, by foreign intelligence and/or by domestic =
politicians to contribute to communal mayhem which brings down the =
Vajpayee Government?

Is Dara Singh an example of religious fanaticism at its worst, which has
found strength and expression thanks to the Vajpayee Government?

Could the answer to both questions be 'yes' simultaneously?

I have no answers, but I do believe them to be the right questions to be
asked.   In any case, Staines and his children were the innocent victims
of murder.   Perhaps even Dara Singh, when he is caught, tried and =
hanged, will have been a pawn in a larger game he knew nothing about.
Let the facts come out.

Subroto Roy,  February 4 1999.

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