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Re: Mr. Valson Thampu's Article

Postings not related to the writing of the Manifesto or policy chapters
are likely to be summarily rejected. Thanks for your understanding. IPI
Rev. Valson,

As I mentioned in my original response (or rather observations) over
Shashi's point, that I had not read your posting, and that I only relied

on the portions quoted, and sincerely attempted to respond to his point,

where Shashi raised a perfectly legitimate question as to how to bring
about that sense of fraternity among the people who are seemingly so
much different and follow such diverse traditions.

Even without reading your posting, whatever point I made, I think are
not in conflict with yours.I understand the fact that you used the term
revolution metaphorically, but your other observation that the word
'revolution' could press the panic button is also correct. When I tried
to go down to the dictionary meaning and spend some time writing about
it, my sincere intention was to respond to such a possible

To your point :

"...The burden of my argument in this piece is that those who are
interested in equipping India for the future need to free our society
from the shackles of caste oppression, though this might seem a grave
danger from a communal angle.
The problem exists in all religious communities, a tribute to the power
pervasiveness of this pernicious phenomenon. Historically, I see India
being held to ransom by this mechanism and mindset...."

I couldn't agree more with you Sir. We all sincerely, and genuinely wish

to find a way to take our society away from this mindset. I have
personally been working and talking and writing about this issue for
many years now, and perhaps will go on doing so, for as long as I live,
and I wish and pray that many more people in our society take that same
resolve. Finally, in a strange way, we come down to the same principle
of educating the people, making them aware of the responsibilities they
have as citizens of a democracy that they all are going to be
responsible for what kind of society and nation we become in years,
decades, and generations ahead! And yes, your point is well taken, we
should forget about time bound fixations like millennium etc. which can
bring nothing but disappointments, for, anything short of a miracle is
not going to 'revolutionize' our society within two years!

But that is no reason to quit hoping or quit working for it!

Thank You.


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