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Re: Mr. Valson Thampu's Article

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This is a brilliant essay reflecting an intellectual response to the present
day problems. The analysis is excellent. There are two views to a problem:
one from the top like a birs flying looking at the earth and society, the
other the ground reality, like a fish swimming in the pond struggling in the
sun and cold. The quotations of French revolutions remind me of the analysis
Dr Ambedkar made in his Volume III published by Maharashtra Govt. He
reflected the ground realities of the suffering masses.

If we cannot change the mindset of people over 2000 years despite a Gautama
Buddha and Mahathma Gandhi, what will really change. When I read thge
matrimonial clumns of India Abroad, or News India published in the USA, they
also speak of caste identities despite migration to USA and absorbing some
Western education on equality, and non-discrimination of race and colour.
Why Caste alone stands out and cannot be removed from the discrimination of
of the Indian mindset? This is really puzzling for a rational human being!

The oneness of India and the one nation , one people theory seem so outdated
that my idealism of my youth shattered. What we see is the pluralistic
India, different cultures, different ethnic groups, different languages,
castes, different food habits, etc. but brought under a political system,
constitution, citizenship, passport, economy, etc. The positice immage I get
is that we are in the Indian Garden - perhaps the mogul gardens -- where we
see many variety of roses and flowers,well cared over the years, so
beautiful to see - an enjoyment to our eyes. So are our people with many
cultures yet beautifully bloomed in Indian soil. Now we seem to be
threatened this beautiful garden is getting destroyed. My heart anguishes at
the destruction of this beautiful garden of many flowers and plants.

Henry Thiagaraj

At 08:52 PM 1/31/99 -0800, you wrote:
>Postings not related to the writing of the Manifesto or policy chapters
>are likely to be summarily rejected. Thanks for your understanding. IPI
>This is in response to Mr. Valson Thampu's article on social change and 
>  "That can be done only by creating a culture of 'fraternity', based on 
>our shared destiny. The casteist strategy will be to aggravate
>  alienation, which is the violation of fraternity. Fraternity is the
>  ethical anti-dote to casteism. Celebrating the ideal of fraternity
>  -unveiling our essential oneness and interdependence- is essentially a 
>spiritual and ethical task."
>Mr. Thampu you have rightly pointed out that we need to respond to the 
>world in our own way by formulating a paradigm shift based on our shared 
>destiny. As history would bear testimony to - almost every revolution 
>had a very tangible, well-defined shared consensus and objective. It was 
>this well-defined objective and an easily identified enemy/target which 
>carried the message of the revolution to the masses. The french revolted 
>against monarchy, the americans against the british empire, the russians 
>against the czar. there were well-defined objectives. 
>But given the social composition of the Indian society today what shared 
>destiny can u articulate for the people of the country which has a 
>pan-Indian appeal.
>Whats this shared destiny which is going to combine disparate social 
>forces and channelise their energies into creating a new social order.
>The way I see it India is a coalition of social forces with conflicting 
>aspirations and objectives. Pls. respond with an articulation of this 
>shared destiny which reconciles these conflicting aspirations.
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