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Desi E-Mail

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If the following news item is any indication, we are going to see real
information revolution in India sooner then any of us may have imagined.
Someday, we will be able to have people from small villages and cities
of India, directly connected and talking with others across the globe!
Read on... Umesh

Desi E-mail launched in Hindi, Telugu to follow

New Delhi: 
The Internet revolution has now acquired a desi touch. Now you no longer
need to know English to send or receive E-mails; Gistmail will now let
you communicate with your friends or associates anywhere in the world in
Hindi or Marathi. Services in other Indian languages including Telugu
will follow soon.Go to http://gistmail.cdac.org.in for
                  India's improvised answer to Hotmail, Yahoo, MailCity
and other English-based free web-based e-mail services. The Centre for
Development of Advanced Computing, an autonomous body under the
department of electronics, on Tuesday launched the first Indian
language-based free e-mail service which would enable people to
communicate through the Internet in their mother tongue.

                  Gistmail was developed by the Gist Group of C-DAC, and
any computer user with Windows 95 or 98 or NT, with Internet Explorer
4.0 (or later versions) can create his or her own e-mail account. The
advantage of Gistmail, C-DAC officials explained, is that while the
user's personal computer is logged into Gistmail, it automatically gets
equipped with Indian languages."While sending and reading mail no Indian
language software is required," they said.

                  The C-DAC also launched the version 2.0 of Leap
Office, which has already won acclaim from users.Leap Office 2.0 is an
independent word processor which is a complete solution for any office
function,according to C-DAC officials. This software too has the
facility to exchange e-mails and has online keyboard and Hindi
synonymous dictionary facilities, as well as templates for office work,
an Indian language spellchecker and dictionary-based translation of
words and phrases from English to Indian languages.

                  C-DAC officials said the launch of Gistmail and other
facilities will help popularise Internet usage by a far larger pool of
people in India, as it will no longer be confined to those with
knowledge of English. These "will further help to popularise Indian
language usage on computers and make the latest Internet technology
available to the common man to reap the benefits of its usage."

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