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Suo Motto?

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>"Many angry Santhals and Kolhas gathered in that area in the
>midnight as a suo motto eruption of their anger of last 18 years, when
>the jungle camp was sleeping.  The angry mob targeted the vehicles
>ORM-1208 and ORM-952, which carried the preachers conducting the massive
>tour, started damaging them.  By this time Graham, who was sleeping
>inside ORM-1208, covered with bundles of dry straw, woke up and
>threatened the mob with pistol firing.  Seeing the pistol the mob took
>it as a challenge and attacked him with arrow and finally burnt the

Mr. Narayan's quotation is relevant to my questions only as above.  My
questions have to do with self-defence, and whether Mr. Staines had a
firearm and tried to defend himself and his children from assault.    Mr.
Narayan's quotation seems to suggest Staines had a gun, which he, sleepily,
tried to use, which action of "challenged" the mob and led to his death.
Who wrote this palpable nonsens?   Suo motto eruption of their anger of last
18 years?   Has the mob been re-assembled now and asked about their calm and
deliberate opinion on their killing, and they replied,
"M'lud, it was a suo motto eruption of anger built up over 18 years, and
therefore a case of justifiable homicide."

Subroto Roy.

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