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Re: An Open Letter to Shri Chowgule

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Time binders,

Caution: Long post!

I take part in a debate where we discuss about a mob that
killed an Austrailian preacher and his children in a state
called Orrisa situated in the north east of India. 

This post generally gets read by some 'educated' Indians. I 
have injected quite a bit of general semantic psycho-logics 
and believe that fellow time binders on the gs net may find 
this interesting!

George Kurien.

Dear Ram Narayanan

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Many angry Santhals and Kolhas 
gathered in that area in the midnight as a suo motto eruption of 
their anger of last 18 years, when the jungle camp was sleeping.  
The angry mob targeted the vehicles ORM-1208 and ORM-952, 
which carried the preachers conducting the massive
tour, started damaging them.  By this time Graham, who was sleeping
inside ORM-1208, covered with bundles of dry straw, woke up and
threatened the mob with pistol firing.  Seeing the pistol the mob took
it as a challenge and attacked him with arrow and finally burnt the
vehicle.  The dry bundles of straw made it easy to burn the vehicle and
difficult for Graham Steins to come out with his two sons, resulting the
fearful death of all of them.>>>>>>>>>>>>

This part of the post alludes to a 'sort of' justification 
for mob fury to kill and behave like animals.

Whether Hindus influence 'others'


Moslems influence 'others'


Christians influence 'others'


atheists influence 'others'


agnosts influence 'others'


any xyz(label) influences 'others'

as 'thinking' humans we must hang our heads 
in shame when we become non violent and 
immitate animals.

An old man who barely wore a loin cloth 
whom we call 'father' of our nation,
preached non-violence.

If indeed 'pqr' political party which goes by any 
other 'efg' label conspires, manipulates, etc., to 
back any non violence we must oppose it non 
violently to expose and 'bring to book' such 
individuals who infact take on 'the right to kill'.

We dont need to search too far to find instances of  
any given major religion influencing people of other 

We find this around us.

It has become high 'time' for us  to put behind our 
'religious' nationalistic, tribal, etc., sentiments, whether, 
Hindu, Moslem, Christian, atheist, agnost, Indian,
American, Santhal, Kolhas.,., etc.,.,. 

The 'need' of the hour remains to take on mathematical 
sentiments to improve ourselves as humans first and
Indians, Americans, Santhals, Kolhas,.,  etc.,., next 
and last of all as Hindus, Christians, Moslems, atheists, 
agnosts,., etc.

I do not understand why we do not take up to comparative
religions and devour its' 'art',  'holiness',  'joy' etc.,., from 
them and shun the non violent aspects of these 'religions'.

To start with we can stop identifying ourselves, as this
identifying leads  us to block our creativeness and make
us immitate animals who cannot abstract beyond very
few orders of abstraction. Due to this, animals resort to

When we limit our orders of abstraction, we act rashly
harmfully, etc.,.,.

Animals kill. Humans need not necessarily immitate animals. 

We can realise that the:

Map is not the territory 


That the word, label, etc.,  is not the thing it purports.

Words, labels, etc., can only represent but can not 
become the 'thing' it represents.


Whatever we SAY it is, IT is not.

Alfred Korzybski explains that we can evolve to
mature as time binders(humans) instead of 
immitating space binders(animals). Those interested
in studying general semantics can search up the internet
to find for themselves several useful sites. 

In particular, you can find a book called 'Manhood of 
Humanity' by Alfred Korzybski on the internet.

I am not preaching general semantics, I do not take
hurt if  you do not bother with general semantics.

However, I know that after I started to study general 
semantics, the instances of my immitating animals 
reduced considerably.!


George Kurien.
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