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Re: Mr. Valson Thampu's Article

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Hello Valson and Shashi,

I must admit I missed the original Article of Valson and read Shashi's
response to it, in which Shashi quoted Mr. Valson

"That can be done only by creating a culture of 'fraternity', based on
our shared destiny...."

Then Shashi rightly defines the historical perspective of revolution

"..As history would bear testimony to - almost every revolution
had a very tangible, well defined shared consensus and objective.."

And finally concludes with a question
"..The way I see it India is a coalition of social forces with
aspirations and objectives. Pls. respond with an articulation of this
shared destiny which reconciles these conflicting aspirations."

In my opinion fraternity based on shared destiny and a revolution are
two very different things. Fraternity, as defined in the Webster's New
Collegiate Dictionary, means
1. A group of people associated or formally organized for a common
purpose, interest,or pleasure.
2. the equality or state of being brothers: BROTHERLINESS
3. men of the same class,profession,character, or tastes.

The same Dictionary defines the word "revolution" as in the sense
suggested by you comes very close to the term REBELLION, meaning an
activity designed to bring about a sudden, radical and fundamental
change including overthrowing or renunciation of a government!

The reason I wanted to refer back to the original dictionary definitions

because when such diverse terms are used so loosely, we tend to lose the

focus of our objective.

While Shashi is right to the point that we are a diverse society, yet,
the way I understand Valson's idea of Fraternity is not giving up the
diversity, or forgetting our unique language, tradition or aspiration
etc. but to focus on what is common among all of us, that we are all
Indians, that we all wish to see our nation prosper, that we all want to

see poverty and illiteracy go away from our land, that we all wish to
see a way out of the exploding rise in population that takes back all of

our progress at a faster pace then we are able to grow!

Please remember, we DO NOT SEEK A REVOLUTION, and We DO NOT NEED a
revolution. We already have power in our own hands, what we need is to
bring home the realization that we, the citizens are also creators of
our national destiny, that a King of some Stature is not going to come
along to save us all, that we need to educate ourselves and other
citizens so that the responsibility of electing well qualified
government can go on forever, and that is quite different from a
revolution. A revolution comes as a sudden, overnight change, and our
democracy is not going to change overnight simply because you cannot
change the population overnight. The change will be slow, but what is
needed is to set the right process on track!

Thank You.


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