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1 February 1999 : Banned Bihar outfit prepares its own `budget'

Postings not related to the writing of the Manifesto or policy chapters
are likely to be summarily rejected. Thanks for your understanding. IPI
I would like to draw the attention of fellow listers to thefollowing
article. We discuss
matters in relation to such
ground realities as you read below:

>                     The Times of India News Service
>                     KURU (Lohardagga): Preparing a draft of the Bihar
>                     budget is the privilege of the state government.
>                     But the banned Maoist Communist Centre (MCC) has
>                     also compiled its own ``Bihar budget''
>                     elaborating on the MCC's extortion agenda,
>                     training programme and the drive for accumulating
>                     weapons in order to strengthen and expand its
>                     area of influence in the south Bihar districts.
>                     A fierce encounter between the MCC activists and
>                     the Lohardagga police occurred near Khambhar
>                     village under Kuru police station of the district
>                     on January 17. Though the police failed to arrest
>                     any activist, a BMP havildar sustained a bullet
>                     injury. Later, in a search operation in Khambhar
>                     village, some documents, including the ``Bihar
>                     budget'', were recovered.
>                     A cursory glance at the ``budget'' reveals the
>                     organisation's modus operandi. Extortion is the
>                     key source of generating resources. According to
>                     reliable sources, extortions run into crores of
>                     rupees every year. A brief note issued by an
>                     anonymous MCC cadre to a contractor, Mophil
>                     Ansari, of Nari village under the Kisko police
>                     station tells its own tale: ``You have been in
>                     this profession for long. This letter is being
>                     issued by the MCC. Deposit Rs 1 lakh or else
>                     disciplinary action would be initiated against
>                     you.''
>                     Another letter addressed to the MCC by two
>                     contractors -- Gawarel Munda and Bijay Sao
>                     --confirms the racket. Seeking exemption from the
>                     payment of an additional toll, the duo argued in
>                     the letter, ``We are ready to pay 30 per cent to
>                     the MCC as per our agreement. However, it would
>                     be difficult for us to pay an additional amount
>                     of Rs 36,000 since we have to pay the officers at
>                     different level and the cost of labour too has
>                     increased these days.''
>                     The party ``budget'' carries an unambiguous
>                     decision to extract huge levy, ranging from 30 to
>                     45 per cent, on various contracts, including the
>                     construction of housing units under the Indira
>                     Awas Yojana and other projects like construction
>                     of bridges, roads, school buildings or libraries.
>                     A bunch of over a dozen letters issued to the
>                     residents of Palamu and Lohardagga districts
>                     provides yet another clue to the MCC's mode of
>                     accumulating sophisticated arms. These letters
>                     read: ``You are directed to deposit your arms to
>                     the MCC or else be prepared to face the
>                     consequences.''
>                     The ``budget'' carries a list of unanimous
>                     decisions taken by the MCC's zonal committee. It
>                     incorporates ``avenging'' the murder of MCC
>                     supporters, ``preparing'' a list of mines in the
>                     area, ``ascertaining'' the funds available with
>                     the landlords, ``establishing'' the number of
>                     police stations and police camps, ``assessing''
>                     the strength of the police force and the arms
>                     available with them, besides providing intensive
>                     training to the party cadres.
>                     Significantly, the ideologues of MCC accepted in
>                     their ``draft budget'' that corruption was
>                     rampant in the organisation. Hence, they
>                     underlined the need for formulating regulations
>                     to curb corruption and effectively execute the
>                     party budget.
>                     A separate booklet meant for internal circulation
>                     among members of the organisation elaborates on
>  [Previous]         the effective strength of sophisticated weapons,
>                     like AK 47s and SLRs, and gives comprehensive
>  [Top]              details of their use.

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