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An Open Letter to Shri Chowgule

Postings not related to the writing of the Manifesto or policy chapters
are likely to be summarily rejected. Thanks for your understanding. IPI
Shri Ashok Chowgule, Vishwa Hindu Parishad, Mumbai

Dear Shri Chowgule,

You have been quoted in the press as having said that the Australian
missionary Mr. Graham Staines had "brandished" a pistol, whereas his
has been quoted as having said he could not have done as he had none.
debate at IPI has touched upon the killing of Mr. Staines and I wonder
you may be so kind as to inform us of the answers to these questions

1.  Have you been quoted correctly?
2.  If so, what is the basis in evidence of the information that Mr.
had brandished a firearm?
3.  Even if he had done so, would that not have been justified in
self-defence and in defence of his children?
4.  In general, does the VHP's interpretation of our common Hindu
beliefs or
doctrines suggest there to be no right of self-defence?

Many thanks,


Subroto Roy

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