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Welcome to our new member!

I am very pleased to hear this lavish goodwill toward IPI (see bottom of
this mail). I have put Mr Krishnan on the list. I would urge him to
introduce himself and to join the debates.

Also: I find the new membership slacking off on IPI. We should have been
growing exponentially. Please: everyone, you are capable of brining in
the best people of India or of Indian origin to this forum. Please write
to your friends liberally and get them to talk together. Networks expand
at the speed of light beyond a point. Why are we not getting everyone
of Indian origin into this list? What are we missing?

As we prepare to split into 3 lists we need to build a critical mass of
at least 50 members per list. Also, would anyone help out by classifying
the topics properly and making us ready for the 1st draft? We could
follow the same structure in ALL drafts once we decide upon a nice and
systematic one.

e.g.,	Long and Medium term goals
	Preamble and other blah blah
	Governance issues
		-	electoral reform
		-	administrative reform
		-	foreign policy and citizenship
	Economic Issues
		-	Economic system
		-	economic role of government
		-	infrastructure
		-	agriculture
		-	environment and population

	Social Issues
		-	Education
		-	Health
		-	national reconciliation including tolerance
		-	gender issues		

	Code of Conduct	and Warranty of Good quality of governance.

Would someone care to attempt a very detailed draft so that we can
struture the entire gamut of issues and give standard 'numbers' to each
point, e.g., 	ECON 1.0, 1.1, 1.11, etc

That will facilitate the people who will respond to our points when we
send out the draft manifesto in Jan. (or end Dec.)


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Date: Thu, 29 Oct 1998 20:18:50 -0500
From: degterev <adegter@bu.edu>
To: info@indiapolicy.org
Subject: Membership in IPI

Sir, I am amazed at the effort and the dreams of IPI. I am glad to know
that there are people who do care about India's progress. Is there any
way I can contribute to this cause. I would like to be a member of this
group. Please reply to cskrishnan@hotmail.com
with regards,

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