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Re: indians & citizenship

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Week's Agenda: Political & administrative reforms

In view of the ongoing and interesting discussion on citizenship, I would
like to say that I think that the Indian state have a responsibility
towards non-citizens as well. For instance, when a crime is committed
against a foreigner in India, or when a crime is committed against Indians

But even more importantly, the condition should be created so that not only
NRIs - citizens and current or potential non-citizens, see that it is
beneficial to posses and retain Indian citizenship. In fact, the goal
should be that foreigners too find it attractive to possess Indian
citizenship and choose to make India their base, just as many NRIs find it
advantageous to posses American or British citizenship and make those
country their base today. 

This will also be in line with the history of Indian civilisation, as I
understand it. For instance, ours seem to be the only civilisation that so
successfully absorbed all invaders and migrants throughout history. As
Tagore had pointed out in one of his poems, no one who came left India.
This apparently stopped only in the 18th and 19th century, and coincided
with the rise of nationalist sentiments, first in Europe and then in India,
during that period. I wonder what some of you may have to say about this.

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