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Week's Agenda: Political & administrative reforms


With regard to the discussions on the definitions of "Indians", I think we
need to make the distinction between, what India or Indian Foreign policy is
obligated to do versus what guideline it should use while deriving foreign

I agree with Ash that one should be able to clearly define "we" when it
comes to the obligation side. However a more generic definition of Indians
could be used when it comes to defining the approach. 

Taking the Srilanka example, should the Indian government be obligated to
intervene? Should they have intervened only because the people getting
killed were of Indian origin? What if it had been the other way round that
people of Indian origin were to massacre indigenous people of another
country? Any "good" citizen of the world should strive to protect innocent
people getting killed, whoever they are and wherever they are, provided they
have been successful in meeting their primary obligations. Like in all
situations, if the Indian Government was to choose between providing
"potatoes" (should it be onions?) for its people Vs "guns" to protect other
country's citizen of Indian origin, what should it choose?

I agree that all the people who have changed their passports have not done
so because they do not love India or do not wish for the good of India. It
is also not true that all the people who are holding Indian passports or
remain Indians have done so by choice (many do so because they have no
choice!). But I believe that whatever policy is being worked out should be
primarily for the benefit of those who are Indian citizens and those who
choose to become one. The policy should also be friendly and positive
towards those who want to do "good" to India, irrespective of whether they
are of Indian origin or not.

Take the example of the Chinese Diaspora, I do not believe that they are
contributing because China treats all of Chinese origin equal to their
citizens or that it even provides any special privileges to them. It is
because either the people of Chinese origin still have strong feelings
towards China or because it is a good business proposition and ability to
speak their language gives them the edge to exploit it.


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