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Ash Mahesh has raised an interesting point:

> Consider this -- how many people who seek dual citizenship will >affirm in
writing that in the event of conflict, they will stand by Indian >interests,
over any interests of other nation? Zero.

I do not understand exactly what Ash means by "conflict".  I am an American
citizen  -  yes  -  I changed my citizenship for the reason - as many others
have done - that  I had to travel all over the world and it was far easier
to walk into most countries with an American passport   than with an Indian
passport.  Let me add that  I do NOT seek dual citizenship nor do I think
dual citizenship is necessary for me to work for India.  Nobody in America
is going to prevent me  doing what I can for India. Following  Pokhran - 2,
I have actively  campaigned with my Senators and Congressman in favor of
India, although official U S policy was against India's nuclear tests.

Ram Narayanan
janaky@indiaintl.com or loraln@worldnet.att.net

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