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Re: indians

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Dear Manju
     Please don't hesitate to ruffle my feathers.  We are not in a 
     personality-based discussion group.  We have our ideas and opinions, 
     and we express them to enter the debate with a view to arriving at the 
     truth, not with the intention of hurting anyone or making anyone feel 
     good (though of course people may get hurt or feel good, that is not 
     the intention).
     Now the point you raise: it would be valid if I was urging that people 
     who have other nationalities seek the "protection" of the Indian 
     As far as I am aware, the reality of the situation is that there are 
     no longer any people of Indian origin and with "other" passports who 
     need the protection of the Indian government.  
     What I was urging us to consider is whether India stood to gain 
     anything from efforts to "promote the interests of people of Indian 
     origin abroad in a more organised and systematic way".
     My view is that the interests of Indians (whether or not they have an 
     Indian passport) are similar - e.g. Indian music, art, history, 
     literature, and so on.  Very specifically, I should mention business 
     interests, since a lot of NRIs have businesses which benefit India 
     directly or indirectly, and much more could be done to promote such 
     Most of the foreign investment in China was actually from "overseas 
     Chinese" (80% was the last figure I read) not from foreign 
     multinationals and individuals.  
     India has been unable largely (with a couple of striking successes 
     here and there) to mobilise the goodwill and money of NRIs.
     NRIs don't need India.  I stopped having an Indian passport when my 
     secretary finally got fed up of keeping track of whether my various 
     visas were valid and what she needed to juggle to get my passport to 
     the various embassies in England to get my next set of visas in time 
     before I flew off again somewhere (I had for several years a pattern 
     of work which involved me being in the UK for a week, and somewhere 
     else in the world the next week).  
     When Indian passports stop being a liability to people like me, we 
     will happily go back to having an Indian passport, or of course if 
     India allows dual passports as Pakistan (a less developed country) 
     does and as Switzerland (a more developed country) does.  
     Having or not having a passport would tell you something about a 
     person's allegiance if other things were equal.  Unfortunately, other 
     things are not equal and people can afford to make sacrifices to 
     demonstrate theri loyalty to India for only so long.
     The sad reality is that it is not NRIs who "need" India, it is India 
     that needs her NRIs and has done much less than other countries in 
     similar situations for them, and has asked much less from them than 
     other countries in similar situations.
     India has put much into her people who are now NRIs, why should she 
     not get something back now?  But in order to do so, India needs to 
     organise herself differently from the narrow minded, piecemeal and 
     inefficient way in which she has organised herself so far for the 
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