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Re: indians

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 Dear Ash
     There is no "doom" in disagreements, which I actually regard as a good 
     thing, because that is precisely how we move with halting steps 
     towards a better appreciation of what is true.
     Now, I am interested in your position on this question.  You have no 
     disagreement, as far as I can make out, with requiring our posts 
     abroad to undertake more organised and systematic activity for the 
     benefit of Indians, but you have reservations about how Indians are to 
     be defined.
     This is interesting to work out.  So the Embassy in Washington or 
     Moscow organises an event for the benefit of Indians who are Indian 
     passport-holders.  How do you propose it keep out those of Indian 
     origin who do not have Indian passports?  Will you require the Embassy 
     to ask every person who arrives to produce Indian passports before 
     they are let in?  What of foreigners, then, including "white" or 
     "black" foreigners who might be invited as "special guests"?  Are you 
     seriously suggesting that these should be let in but not people of 
     Indian origin who have reluctantly or willingly traded their Indian 
     passports for other ones but still retain some love in their hearts 
     for India and perhaps work with IP or other organisations for the good 
     of India whereas the "guests" may be just that or people interested in 
     India only because they stand to gain from their involvemet with her?  
     And if you propose that such a curious course of action should 
     seriously be pursued do you think that non-passport-holding Indians 
     will for long continue to be interested in IP and indeed in India 
     Away with this kind of artifical distinction-making, say I.  Let us 
     welcome all, black white brown yellow or green, with Indian 
     citizenship or without any citizenship at all, so long as they are 
     interested in helping India because that is all that matters. 
     If one focusses strongly on the aim or objective, which is to help 
     India, everything else falls into perspective....
     Professor Prabhu Guptara
     Director, Organisational and Executive Development
     Wolfsberg Executive Development Centre
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Subject: Re: indians
Author:  ash.mahesh (ash_mahesh@hotmail.com) at nyuxuu
Date:    28.10.98 18:05

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