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Thanks folks for pushing this along!

Was very happy to see that Manju and Ashok have volunteered to fill in
Arvind's role.

My profuse thanks. I was a bit despondent that this work was slowing
down during my forced 'vanvaas.'  

I trust that Manju and Ashok will be not only able to coordinate these
debates (both of you might like to have an off-the-list discussion on
how you wish to take off from where Arvind left), but might be able to
help organize the discussions even more fruitfully. For one, please go
thro what has been done, and chart out the course for the final 1 1/2
months (we should be done with this round of debates in mid-December, to
be able to focus on the 20-page document at that time.

Second, please try to prepare a broad list of topics on which I should
open up separate mailing lists with the help of Suresh. We could have 3
lists if you like instead of 10 or 20, since we want a critical mass on
each list. One list could be on social issues, another on economic and
another on governance. Or some such thing.

I would urge everyone to put in their brain into this effort and work
out how to structure our future course of action, including the
culmination of this round of debates. I also hope that the IF can join



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