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Re: indians

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Week's Agenda: Political & administrative reforms

I agree with Ash. When I first read the statement by Prof Guptara, I 
thought to myself, "How could he?" But I chose to remain silent since
I believe I already ruffled his feathers before, though unintentionally
and I didn't want him to mistakenly come to the conclusion that It was
going to be a personality clash between the two of us. After thinking 
about it, I decided, I cannot be silent on this issue.

How can a person who has sworn allegiance to another nation, someone
who has given up allegiance to India, ask for protection of his rights
from the Indian government? India has many flaws - some of them simply
deplorable - but being an Indian is not one of them. IMO, If you are 
not an Indian citizen, you have no right to claim protection from the
Indian government. You did not stand by India, why should India stand 
by you? It's like asking for continued relationship after you went 
ahead and got yourself a divorce. 

Professor Guptara, you amaze me with your proposal.

Yours "Outspokenly",


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