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IP-foreign policy-Rohit Shukla-10.27.98-1647

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Week's Agenda: Political & administrative reforms

Rohit Shukla wrote:
>Ash's point on trade should be elaborated on.  Foreign trade is a central
>part of foreign policy, and factors prominently in India's posture in the
>world today.  We could commit ourselves as follows:

> >-- To ensure that India works towards the removal of trade barriers, and
> >facilitates the introduction of a liberal trade regime.

I agree this needs more elaboration.

The current regime protects and benefits enrenched domestic industry,
discouraging competition and innovation. I also think that unfettered "free
trade" is an invitation to the predatory trade of  large international capital
interests that may produce short term benefits during capital inflows but also
puts huge political power [via threat of capital flight] in the hands of
international capital.

I don't have a proposal, yet, but I want to point out that the two extremes we
are presented with aren't the only [or best] alternatives.


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