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Re: Why the IP debates need many champions

Administrative Note:

Week's Agenda: Political & administrative reforms

While in Chicago last Friday (have been in Zurich and Brussels since then!) I 
arranged to meet Dr Shiban Ganju and Professor Dr Prakash Desai who lead a group
called India Forum there.  IF has been conducting debates of our sort for some 
thirty years (of course only locally) and were very excited to know of our 
existence, specially as IP is a virtual body in existence on the Internet and as
they were thinking of starting something like this on the Web anyway.  So we 
look forward to possible co-operation with them soon.

They have many members who are of retirement or near-retirment age, who might 
like to consider going back to India to give some years of their lives in the 
rural districts as catalysts for change.

IF is also planning a conference in 2000 in India and another in the USA, which 
we can link in with in terms of our "manifesto" launch to the public or as a 
follow up to it.

I have given our contact details to them and hope that they might really want to
pitch in with us, once they have been able to see what we have been up to.

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