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Re: Why the IP debates need many champions

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Week's Agenda: Political & administrative reforms

Dear Sanjeev,
I really appreciate you for what you have been doing for a long time. 
this work is really tiring and at times unexciting too. But in the 
interst of our country, its people and for the future generations, this 
work has to keep going. I am an engineer who is now on study leaves and 
doing my Postgraduation in Manufacturing Management in Australia. 
Presently I am the President(International Students) University of South 
Australia. I used to be a free lance jounalist in India who used to 
write in Navbharat times, Jansatta and other papers and periodicals. 
I am willing to take part responsibilty of the coordination of debate 
that you are carrying out. I would appreciate if you could respond me on 
this issue.
Ashok Bharti

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