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Re: indians

Administrative Note:

Week's Agenda: Political & administrative reforms

>> protect the interests of Indian citizens abroad more firmly.>

> I would amend this slightly to:

> "Promote the interests of people of Indian origin abroad in a more
> organised and systematic way".

It appears I am doomed to perennial disagreement with you, professor. I 
think this extension may be reasonable if we are careful how we define 
persons of Indian origin. It is my opinion that current standars are 
arbitrary and reflect a religious and economic bias. I've got tons of 
flak for this theory, but also some agreement. I will simply refer you 
to what I've said before.

I think much of my position would be amenable to a better definition of 
persons of Indian origin than current ones, with the rider that any 
government is obliged to clearly separate citizens from non-citizens. 
That brings us back to the realization that we still have not decided 
who WE are, but "we" seem to be putting that off indefinitely.


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