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Why the IP debates need many champions

I hope the lull on IP is a clear lesson to all of us:

- many of us are NOT really interested in this thing (we like to

- leadership is hard work. To get something done is even more hard work.

This is a typical public goods problem. We all - working together, can
indeed help change India. But then the question is: what is the reward
for this work? Honest. There is going to be no reward except in a very
indirect way. So? Do we abandon this thing? 

Arvind the great hard working idealist from Singapore, is on his way to
USA to move his new place of work. He is no longer on IP for a while. He
will take 10-15 days to take up the debate coordinator's role. So we are
missing the coordinator for a while. Will anyone else please step in?

I think most of us who contributed much to the debates initially (such
as me) are not only exhausted, but some have been injured physically (my
hand is still not back to normalcy, though it is much better), plus we
have a lot of catching up to do in our personal lives.

If you wish this effort to make an impact, then you must take up
leadership and help either summarize issues, or write up a sequence of
topics, or do something. Be a champion for India!


(a very tired and very busy soul:
will return in December to the debates if things go well)

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