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RE: silence

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Week's Agenda: Political & administrative reforms

Ash's point on trade should be elaborated on.  Foreign trade is a central
part of foreign policy, and factors prominently in India's posture in the
world today.  We could commit ourselves as follows:

-- To ensure that India works towards the removal of trade barriers, and
facilitates the introduction of a liberal trade regime.

I realize this is both controversial and less than acceptable under the
current regime. However, working towards what amounts to a sea-change in
attitude on this issue would be a major step in the right direction.  

The problem (or pain) we are attempting to address on this issue is the
"stop-go", one step forward, two steps back process and product India has
adopted over the past year.  It avoids clarity, obfuscates intent, isolates
strong international engagement and prevents India from making a strong case
for international respectability in various forums, including the U.N.  Our
erstwhile allies in the non-aligned world would need a strong advocate on
this issue, even as they themselves are moving in the direction of more open

One other thing: a host of ancillary, but important, issues are also
embedded in this issue.  They include, among other things, intellectual
capital and copyright protection and the licensing of ventures (a clearer
example of the stop-go, corruption-induced policy is harder to find). 


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