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Administrative Note:

Week's Agenda: Political & administrative reforms

I was looking at the India Policy web site and wondering if other 
summaries (besides the one on education policy) have been written by any 
of the rapporteurs, I couldn't tell for sure. 

In the meantime, we appear to have hit a lull. Perhaps no one is sure 
what the exact topic is for this week, or where we left off our heated 
discussions of past weeks. In the interest of resumption, may I propose 
that we try to write another summary (I'll do the summing up, and we can 
all do the editing). I did offer to write these summaries from time to 
time, and I may have time over the next week or two to write one up. And 
since this is my voluntary contribution, may I choose my prefered topic 
- foreign policy, which has been topical recently anyway.

Here is a bunch of points I gathered from the debates so far, plus some 
other things that occured to me, these are the ones I will write up for 

- national interests should be woven into foreign policy in an 
identifiable manner.
- we should try to find common interests with nations that have similar 
democratic norms of government
- interests that facilitate growth through trade should be encouraged
- encourage denuclearization of all nations within a specific timetable
- obtain permanent membership in the United Nations Security Council, 
and work to abolish veto privileges of permanent members.
- contribute to UN peacekeeping efforts on a regular basis, this 
generates a fair amount of goodwill, as happened in Somalia, because 
Indian troops conducted themselves far better than most others.
- work to strengthen international covenants that support democratic 
norms and human rights, and enforce those standards within our borders. 
This would include extraditing criminals from other nations who are 
sought by their police, shutting down operations of foreign terrorists 
on Indian soil, signing extradition treaties with more nations, 
providing troops for the International Court of Justice's enforcement 
operations, etc.
- cooperate with neighbors in sharing resources linked to waterways.
- protect the interests of Indian citizens abroad more firmly.

That will do for a start. Let's see if we can pick things back up. 


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