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Dr. V. Kurien regrets inability to be with us

I am forwarding, for your info, a msg received from Dr Kurien, whom, as
you all know, I admire as India's greatest manager, ever, and the one
person who has truly shown what we can do as Indians. I do admire his
taking the time out from his busy schedule to reply to me.

Newspaper reports say that Dr. Kurien is retiring soon. I think we
could persuade him to be with us after he retires.


---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Fri, 23 Oct 1998 15:39:31 +0530
From: Shailendra Kumar <SK@anand.nddb.ernet.in>
To: sabhlok@almaak.usc.edu
Subject: Reg Advisor to India Policy Institute 

Dear Shri Sanjeev Sabhlok,

This is with reference to your e-mail message of Sunday, 27th 
September, 1998 addressed to Dr. V. Kurien, Chairman, NDDB 
inviting him to be an Advisor to the India Policy Institute.  
Dr. Kurien has asked me to convey the following msg. to you.


For  :  Mr. Sanjeev Sabhlok

>From :  V. Kurien, Chairman, NDDB

Thank you for your e-mail message dated 27th September, 1998 
informing me about the new India Policy Institute started in 
Hyderabad and requesting me to be an Advisor to the Institute.

Much as I would have liked to accede your request, I greately  
regret my inability to do so as I am snowed under with work and 
would not be in a position to spare the required time.  I, 
therefore, beg to be excused.

Thank you for sharing information about the Institute.  We will 
bring it to the notice of the concerned persons in NDDB so that 
they benefit from the work being carried out in your Institution.

With kind regards,

(Shailendra Kumar)
Gen. Manager (CEO)

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