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Re: Week's Topic: Defence & Foreign Policy

Administrative Note:

Week's Agenda: Political & administrative reforms

I second this idea raised by Nizam, and supported by Manoj. Establishment
of closer people to people contact, free trade and unhindered travel ought
to be among the most important objectives. This is the only way we can hope
to counter the tendency among politicians in each of the south Asian
countries to play the xenophobic tune. Lets not bother so much about
political unity. If the relationship among the peoples are good, political
unification will become a non-issue. It may or may happen, but will not
affect the basic relationship.


>I fully support this position. Let us focus on trading within SAARC. That is
>the only way to create affluence, and more importantly, avoid wasteful
>distractions like defense spending.
>- manoj

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