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Topics of the week

Administrative Note:

Week's Agenda: Political & administrative reforms

Two topics ths week. Political Reforms and Admin Reforms.
I've listed the points from IP archives for both topics
below. Next week we'll have the last two topics, viz. 
Agriculture and Healthcare before IP becomes a free for
all once again!



Representatives of people to be paid liberally to attract
best talent. No perquisite apart from free housing.

Right to put reasonable limits on individual and corporate
contributions to prevent influence of money when people
perceive decisions to be unfair.

All decisions to be fully documented and be made available
for public inspection on the internet.

Citizens' groups to be given responsibility of monitoring
closely the actions of politicians and businesses and 
swiftly act if quid pro quo is detected.

Election Commission to be made stronger with unilateral
powers to dissolve parties cheating in disclosing funds.
Appealable only in supremem court.

Assets of candidates to be made public on internet including
income tax statements.

Press and Lok Pal to be made stronger.

Bureaucrats disclosing corruption by MPs/MLAs with evidence
(including tapes) to be rewarded heavily by Lok Pal.

All files not pertaining to defence/home to be made freely
accessible to local boards of citizens randomly selected as
in case of juries.

Citizens' groups to be tax exempted and be given matching
grants. This is to ensure that private citizens monitor all

Voting records to be made public.

All pending cases against candidates standing in elections
to be made public.


Work against institutional arrangements and processes that
encourage adversary relations.

Decentralize and democratize public budgeting and planning

Develop strategies to professionalise government at every

Ensure only vital secrets are protected. Private secrets of
Govt functionaries relating to misuse of power to be exempt 
from official secrets act.

People to have strong rights to information.

Jobs at levels of Secretary and Additional Secretary to be
delinked from civil service. They could be from within the
service or outside on contractual basis.

Raising salaries.

Cutting down on needless tasks and bringing down the size 
of Govt to half.


Uniquely numbered citizens' ID card. Card to keep track of
Government benefits provided and to extend benefits like 
food stamp program.

Computerising the collection services of government depts
like water supply, tax etc.


Of citizen to call for information maintained on THAT citizen.

Rights to call indirectly through local board for any non
sensitive record. Records should be really sensitive to be
labelled sensitive.

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