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Re: Foreign Policy

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Week's Agenda: Defence & Foreign Policy

On Wed, 21 Oct 1998, Manoj Padki wrote:

> economic blocs and cooperation. That is why I would like IPI to stay away
> from even talking about reunification with Bangladesh or Pakistan. That
> issue is likely to provoke sentiments like those raised on the topic of
> religious tolerance, and lead us nowhere. Let us instead focus on opening up
> and encouraging trade in the sub-continent.

  Precisely, instead of bringing up the image of how India "Was",
 it would be very nice to conjure up an image of how India "Would be"
 from what it is "now".  And if possible, try and present some
 constructive modifications which could probably make the "would be"
 image advance a little faster.  

 One way of doing that is by a different kind of education ground-up.
 The underlining economics of the matter is that, select a trade-policy
 which would help you achieve that and educate your traders about your
 long term objectives - like P.Chidambaram, projected 8-10% growth in
 'dollar' terms.  Thats' a remarkable goal, may be pushing it a little
 bit too hard but we need to see the far side and put our feet


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