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Prof. Deepak Lal's writings

Dear friends,

Yesterday I met Prof. Deepak Lal. He guided me to his recent writings in
the Business Standard. These are now linked to the IPI web page at


Please read these. These are truly excellent views. Thoroughbred. Some
material on foreign policy, too.

* The troubled giant, Business Standard, Oct. 1st, 1998. 

* The nuclear fallout -- II, Business Standard, September 3, 1998. 
* Trahisons des clercs Business Standard, July 2, 1998. 
* Full convertibility again Business Standard, May 07, 1998 
* Time to say goodbye? Business Standard, Apr. 09. 1998. 
* Lessons of the Korean crisis Business Standard, Mar 05, 1998. 
* The call for ethical trading Business Standard, Feb. 05, 1998. 

* Love and marriage Business Standard, Jan 08, 1998 
* The implications of Di mania Business Standard, Dec. 11, 1997 
* Defeat eco-fundamentalism13 Business Standard, Nov. 13, 1997 
* Save your souls Business Standard, Oct 16, 1997 

I also see - for the distant future - a critical role that organizations
like the Center for Civil Society and the Liberty Institute (or even
perhaps the IPI) can play in India. Criticising (the title of the IEA history by (the title of the IEA history by (the title of the IEA history by (the title of the IEA history by the tendency of Indian
economists to often play to the political gallery rather than to be true
to their profession of economic analysis, he says:

"What India needs today is an IEA - completely independent of government
and foreign funding agencies - which can nurture economists who can be
'Thinking the Unthinkable,'" says Prof. Lal.

	[IEA = Institute for Economic Affairs, London]



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