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Re: Week's Topic: Defence & Foreign Policy

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Week's Agenda: Defence & Foreign Policy

At 11:43 AM 10/21/98 -0700, Prof Roy wrote:

>"Reunification" could take place in Germany and might in Korea or between
>China and Taiwan; it will not and ought not in the subcontinent.
>Pakistan, Bharat and Bangladesh are indeed three modern independent
>Republics.   But confederation -- especially a common defence -- seems to me
>something both necessary and sufficient for peace and prosperity.    It is
>the key to solving Kashmir.   How does the Indus Confederation sound?

Once a country surrenders just its rights to an independent military, it
runs the risk that a centralized govt (i.r., whoever controls the military)
will eventually transform (via force, if necessary) the confederation into a
single nation. From the point of view of the weaker members of a
confederation, surrendering their military independence will be viewed (at
least, should be viewed) as also possibly surrendering their overall
independence (or at least risk such an event in the future). As such, this
just is not a viable option.
Plus, I do not quite see the distinction between teh modern, independent
republics of the S. Asian nations and the other cases you mentioned (Germany
and Taiwan).

- Pratap Raju

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