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Re: Week's Topic: Defence & Foreign Policy

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Week's Agenda: Defence & Foreign Policy

"Reunification" could take place in Germany and might in Korea or between
China and Taiwan; it will not and ought not in the subcontinent.
Pakistan, Bharat and Bangladesh are indeed three modern independent
Republics.   But confederation -- especially a common defence -- seems to me
something both necessary and sufficient for peace and prosperity.    It is
the key to solving Kashmir.   How does the Indus Confederation sound?

But where are the Pakistanis???   Unfortunately, just as many Pakistanis
believe Indians to be unreconciled to the existence of Pakistan and want to
see it over-run, many Indians believe that what the Pakistani elite really
wants to do is  rule from Delhi.    Delhi is the historic prize.   That
isn't going to happen either.   Confederation is the logical, reasonable and
calm solution inbetween extreme positions of destruction and further
bloodshed.    SR
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>Week's Agenda: Defence & Foreign Policy
>Dear Prof. Guptara,
>I enjoy reading your IPI contributions. Re confederation/re-unification, we
>do have SAARC (south Asian association for regional cooperation) that
>includes Pakistan, India, Bhutan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Maldives, BDesh, and a
>declared free trade area within Saarc by 2001. However, there is already a
>move in BDesh to delay this free trade idea by couple of years.
>IPI should snatch SAARC from 7 governments and initiate/discuss the
>benefits/implementation of open economic borders - regional as well as
>international- at the grassroots level.

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