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Foreign Policy

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Week's Agenda: Defence & Foreign Policy

Pratap Raju wrote:

> India is not in the position to give out aid to all in times of emergency
> (it first needs to feed itself). However, such actions can solidify
> international relations, and I would suggest doing so, but, given limited
> resources, confined only to South Asia for now.

I should start with this point. India is NOT a poor country but a country
with a mismanaged economy. India is not just self sufficient in foodgrains
but has a 6.2 million tonne stock in excess of the prescribed buffer stock
of 22.3 million tonnes. This is according to the government's press 
release. Giving 1 or 2 million tonnes out of this excess when people
genuinely need them will only enhance india's status on the world stage.
The excess stock goes waste year after year. Next year's estimates
are expected to be even higher. So I do not see why we have to keep
whining that we are poor. 
If India is poor despite self sufficiency in food, it is our own fault. 
Everything except food is a result of our efforts (so is food but we at
least have nature to blame in the case of food)

As for the question on why I oppose reunification by Manjunath, let me
first clarify that I completely agree with Manoj Padki and Prof. Guptara 
on more trade and economic cooperation.
Pakistan is a problem country. While reunification with Bangladesh will
work, there is no chance that it will succeed with Pakistan. Should such
a reunification take place, we just add Pakistan's troubles to ours. 
Everyone knows it is a lawless state. Every government there was
unconstitutionally terminated. The people carry hatred within them
and should that hatred manifest itself (after the proposed reunification)
the consequences will be even more disastrous. 
The proximity to two fundamentalist countries of Iran and Afghanistan
make it even more dangerous. Let us confine the power crazy generals
and the madness within pakistan.
I have no objections to working towards a reconciliation with Bangladesh.
As for Pakistan, enhancing trade is the best way to win over their 
friendship. I am sure Pakistanis feel very insecure about india and are
as anxious for peace as we are.

The suggestion on dismantling nuclear weapons for 10 years was just
a thought. If it is going to result in increased risk, it should not be
However, if the risk can be countered by other means, I don't see why 
we should not be the ones to set an example to the rest of the world.

When I said India is a bully, I meant it. Did we not refuse to extend the 
treaty with Nepal when it expired? Why did it take 25 years to sign a
simple river water treaty with Bangladesh? Remember when our planes
violated the soverignity of Sri Lanka to drop food packets for terrorists?
In fact, we even had terrorist bases in india helping out Sri Lankan
terrorists. That was not all. There were even moves to subsidise tea
and shatter the Sri Lankan economy. It is a fact that india commanded 
respect in the 50s while not a single country save Bhutan supports
India now.


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