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Summary on discussions on tolerance

Administrative Note:

Week's Agenda: Defence & Foreign Policy

Happy Diwali to all! 

IMO, the last one week of discussion  on  tolerance has acheived the

1       There are strong differences of opinion on the issue of proselytisation.
However, before we debate this issue again let us get more facts on the
pros and cons. ( Highlighting radical elements in any religion  eg.
eliminating kaffirs as an agenda of all Christians  or   Nun-raping/Mosque
breaking  as a 'Hindu'  initiative IMO is absolute misrepresentation /
misinterpretation  of facts and is not going to get us anywhere.)  Ash, Dr.
Prabhu, Ritu can I request you to take little time off to do some
fact-finding/ hold a private debate to get the group some relevant
information on this? 

2       Can we conclude that tolerance is an essential part of a free and fair

3       We seem to have some agreement that any direct monetary incentive for
religious conversion  is to treated on par with corruption and dealt with
by law. 

As Ash as mentioned ignoring relgious differences does NOT reconcile them.
The question is, can we agree to set aside our differences on this issue
and move on to the task we started off to do ? 

To all debators who were disinterested in this issue but patiently waited
out the last one week,  thank you !  


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