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No more Non Topic debates

Administrative Note:
Since there has been an overwhelming response to loss of
direction @ IP we are forced to stop all off topics. 
Summaries of previously held discussions however will be 
posted when prepared. 

Week's Agenda: Defence & Foreign Policy

Please do not post any more non topic debates. While it
may be okay to post your ideas on other topics which were
listed, no more debates on issues like religious tolerance 
should be posted. These are the biggest non issues in the 
Just like in India where Ayodhya gets priority over the Economy,
we too here have not given the attention deserved while discussing
Economy. Instead, we have been squabbling on some petty issues.
You might think that they are important issues but they are 
not. For one thing, the information content is zero in such mails.
Every party in the debate knows every other party's stand and their
points. These points are just endlessly repeated.
MOST IMPORTANTLY, whatever be the outcome, EACH AND 
EVERY mail you send is useless as no point in them will make it
to the manifesto we plan to come up with.
Let us focus on the preparation of the manifesto.
There may be some issues which we cannot avoid discussing
(like Uniform Civil Code). If you just want to repeat one of the
points we keep hearing (only that is fair or minorities need protection),
please do NOT post. If you have something innovative and original
that you think will be accepted by more than 90% of the population,
we'd all love to hear it.  Once again, please do not post if you just
want to support one of the existing stands we hear often in india.
Even such points should be posted only when the current set of
topics are done with.
Please do not make issues out of non issues.
If you disagree with any point in this mail, do not post it to IP.
Please send me a mail and I'll immediately agree with your point!
Let us focus on the task of coming up with a manifesto.


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