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(Administrative) New member

Please welcome Prof. Vijay Ashar of Carson, California, brother of Prof.
Mukul Asher from Singapore (who is already with us from some time).

Prof. Vijay Ashar lives a few miles from my house and contacted me thro'
an email sent in by his brother. We had a nice talk a little while ago.
Prof. Vijay Ashar thinks that it is high time that intellectuals from
India get together and work out SOLUTIONS for India and is willing to
give the IPI effort a chance.

Prof. Vijay Ashar worked in the IBM for a while, and then worked as
Professor in Quantitative Business Management at the Univs. of New Haven
and Hartford (connecticut). He has retired recently at a relatively
young age of 58, to focus on studies of Vedic mathematics.

I do hope that Prof. Vijay Ashar will find these discussions useful and
will participate to the extent he feels necessary, and help us all
arrive at the best policies for India.


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