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Re: Happy Dewali

Dear Dr. Subroto Roy,

Very Happy Diwali to you and all Fellow-members of IPI.

As to coming back to India, Dr.Subroto, I have always had one foot
India and that has given me almost a Split personality. But never
mind, it is worth it - this Attachment although when I am in India,
it becomes an explanation of "Jo majaa intezar me dekha, woh majaa
vasle yaar me na tha". The daily-problems in the life of an Indian,
all but squeezes the LIGHT out of his days : think of those who have
to travel in Calcutta-buses, think of those who either die, get
paralysed or suffer agonies after consuming adulterated oil (mustard
oil in Delhi). That mus-tard oil was adulterated by one of us.

Let us hope, This Diwali will bring more Light in the life of All
those who are oppressed and shed more light in the dark caverns of
the brains of the Oppressors.


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