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Re: References for Prof. Guptara

> Dear Manju
> This is unacceptable: who exactly are you accusing of "lying" and why?

Dear Professor Guptara,

Please ignore the previous message. My apologies for misreading the 
context of your reply. I was under the impression that you were 
referring to another mail of mine. I now realize that you were talking
about the mail on Max Mueller. 

Regarding my accusation about lying, I have been reading about the 
Aryan Invasion Theory, it's origins, and motives of it's proponents.
I have not gone into considerable depth, but I'm continuing to delve
into the subject. As of what I've researched so far, I think Mr Mueller
did not do justice to facts in this field. I also think that the motive
behind this theory was to degenerate the faith that the natives had in
their history. (now, the Ramayan and Mahabharat being fact or fiction, 
I do not know.) But I'm sure of one thing. The AIT was proposed only 
to demoralise the Hindu faith. Thus Mr. Mueller gets no respect from me.
This is a purely personal opinion, and everyone is entitled to his or
her own - and I respect that. My personal opinion, Max Mueller lied to
the Indian people. I stand by that. Now you don't have to believe it.
You could believe completely otherwise and I deem it unfit to disrespect
you for it.



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