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Re: public funding of education; was: Here we are: Prof. vs. Student!

 Prof Subroto Roy, from IIT Kharagpur, said:

> Mr. Gala is surely right.  Higher education financing is a scandal in
> India. As a professor here at IIT, I see absolutely no reason why the
> taxpayer should be subsidising each BTech student to the tune of some
> Rs. 200,000 per year just to see him/her disappear to some US
> university's Master's program . . .

Sanjeev Sabhlok wrote:

> I think we need a proper debate and a mechanism to solve this 'problem'
> - I hope Charu's case is NOT for taxpayers of India funding IITs so that
> he can spend his life in USA.
> SS

Charu responds:

The point I was trying to make, is that if education [both pre- and post
secondary] is not publicly funded, the only people with access to a good
education are those with rich parents.
This, IMO, is a pretty good way to establish and sustain an oligarchy, if that
is your purpose. An  illustration of such a system would be the British "public
school" system that included Eton & Harrow that trained their ruling class [aka

IMO, Prof Subroto Roy is mixing two separate issues. The issue I raised in
response to Mr Gala's note: Should education be publicly funded? or should, as
Mr Gala asserts and Prof Roy seems to agree,  education be purely in the private

The second issue of whether public funding of education implies that the
government prescribes what a student may or may not do with that education is a
separate matter and I'm willing to debate that once we settle the matter of
whether we think education should be publicly funded at all or if we want all
educational institutions to be private [donation] schools/colleges.

If we agree with Mr Gala  and Prof Roy that education should not be publicly
funded, the second issue is moot.


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